Holiday Style Tips

All that glitters in fashion this holiday season is GOLD. After a decade of platinum and silver popularity, luminescent hues of golden leather, sequins, lame’, mesh, brocade, knits, lace and liquidy satins are making a huge fashion comeback, and they’re just in time to brighten things up for the holidays!

These are a few of my favorite things:
Add elegance and sparkle to your holiday look by mixing bold pieces with neutrals like black and white or with dark denims for maximum impact. For you not so glitzy gals, get into the gold rush by trying small “wow pieces” such as a shell, a small evening bag, a scarf or a fabulous “standout” pair of shoes.

The latest eye-catching looks for the holidays are golden shadows that change color from one second to the next. The irridescent reflective colors work well by day and pair off nicely with dark eyeliner for nighttime glamour.

Home Decorating
Anything “golden” suits our love for luxury. Perfect for the holidays,
it shines, sparkles and brightens, and best of all, it complements nearly any color scheme imaginable. Make a fashion statement at home with everything from beautiful placemats, curtains, candles and floral arrangements to bed skirts and bathroom fixtures. The choices are endless.

Happy Holidays!



How many of you wonderful folks were caught up in the (Black Friday) madness? Or did you even care? I personally was sitting on my Mom's sofa in the North Carolina sampling the dishes that I couldn't fit on my plate the day before. And quite frankly I didn't care to push and shove and hover over the same merchandise that everyone else was clamming for and girl am I glad I didn't. I didn't realize Sylver and Paula were going to show their fabulous sylverwear collection
this weekend but they are SO RIGHT ON TIME! If you're like me, when you give a gift you want it to appeal to each individuals personal preferences and you're looking for something that is not only "uniquely them" but something that no matter how big or small "makes a statement of exceptional taste". That's SYLVERWEAR. If you have someone special to pick up a gift for (including you), I hope you take a minute to check out the website and if you're in town stop by to see for yourself. You'll be happy you did! Don't be surprised if find yourself paying as much attention to who's there as much as the jewelry because Sylver, Paula and all their friends are some of Gods most creative and beautiful works of art also!

Peace and Blessings!

Hello family & Friends,
Hope you and yours are having a safe and blessed holiday season so far.

Please consider this email to be a personal invitation from Sylver & Paula to YOU.
Unfortunately we have had several challenges with sending YOU our official EVITE for the Annual SYLVERWEAR RED Christmas Bash this coming weekend.

If you did receive the information in our first attempt to send you a invitation from, it is likely that we did not get your response....and...we wanna know that you ARE coming!

If you've been before then you "know how we like ta do" and for first timers be prepared for great food, door prizes, lots of fun and some serious have no idea!!!!!
We will also be launching the new face of ,

We have been crafting like mad women and we're excited and proud to present our latest collections to our SYLVERWEAR Family. The support for SYLVERWEAR has been tremendous, everyone from Kirk Franklin to Chaka Khan and Yolanda Adams to Sir Elton John are in sylverwear's "only one" club. All designs and actual pieces are exclusively created and hand crafted by Sylver & Paula. Please come celebrate our RED Christmas SYLVERWEAR style.

WEAR your best RED and get a bonus discount!!!

RSVP to. (202) 722-2957 or to this email:
...and bring yo' friend that's been wearing yo' sylverwear

Here are the particulars....

WHEN: Saturday, December 2nd @ 12noon AND...........
Sunday, December 3rd @ 2pm

* Those traveling by amtrak, your arrival station is Union Station.
THIS IS VERY EASY!!!!! Tell the taxi driver to make a right on to North Capitol St. NW, off Mass Ave.
(front of station) going uptown towards Silver Spring,
Take North Capitol to Gallatin St. NW and make a left. ( if you cross over Riggs Rd./Missouri, u past it)
Go strait aprox. 2 blocks to 3rd & Gallatin St.
First house on the left.
Saturday before last, "Women of the Vine", a new social networking group started by my Mom and I here in Maryland, celebrated its first gathering. It was wondeful! We had a glorious time being introduced to one another, sharing our experiences and knowledge pertaining to breast cancer and health in general and acquiring new knowledge about the luxury of cognac! It was just the kind of atmosphere I had hoped it would be, enlightening and relaxing yet filled with excitement, fun and laughter. We talked about our kids and their interests i.e., education, sports and first homecoming dances (remember those). We talked about our professions and after a few sips of Courvoisier (MUCH MORE). Susan, my mom Patricia, Diane and Edith, the quieter of the bunch graced us with their knods and smiles at the cognac tasting. Sheila opened our eyes to the new era of women taking matters into their own hands, with her stories about homeschooling two elementary level children and running a business from home. Shiba had us all dreaming about one day experiencing the life of a celebrity when she shared her and former client Yolanda Adams' delight at receiving diamond earrings for a gift at Oprah's Legends Ball. Lynette, well she entertained us just by being her usual get down to business, here's what you should do, woman-in-charge self :) . The evening was capped off with a little more XO (the favored blend of the ladies) and some toe-to-toe beautification, compliments of Tracie Rose (my girl, who lit the place up with her unique ray of light-I really meant personality, but she did bring lights for her display ;) of Echo Foot Jewelry. They even had me modeling some of her beautifully handcrafted designs and I must say "my feet never looked so good"! What a beautiful beginning!

I was holding out for the pictures I took but I can't figure out how to work my new camera yet. I'll be sure to post them when I get it together.

Peace and Love Sisters


If I can help my sister, let me lend a hand.

Therez Fleetwood has been a friend of mine for many years and her talent has always been a reflection of her beautiful spirit and true connection to her heritage and to the women she serves.

This contribution of time and effort being given to ease the minds and elegantly adorn the bodies of women faced with the physical alterations that often times accompany breast cancer, is just another example of how this extraordinary women's wear designer is using the true gift that God has given her, for the right purpose.

This story has inspired me, as I hope it does you, to get involved, support one another and use your talents to make a difference in this fight against breast and other cancers.

Please visit her website at

God's Blessings


Shopping Strategies to Live By

How To Build a Winter Wardrobe

Have you ever wondered how some women manage to look perfectly turned out no matter how much or how little they spend on their clothes? Yes, good taste is a part of it, but so is knowing how to go about buying.

Fashion insiders know there's a time to pounce and time to wait. When looking for fall clothes, you should make a point to shop in August and September for staple pieces to help build your wardrobe and be prepared to pay full price, it's worth the investment for key pieces and to ensure you get your size.

For everything else conisder delaying your purchase. Retailers start marking down fall merchandise around late November. If there's a trendy item you like that you're seeing in all the stores, chances are you can still get a great selection after Thanksgiving into Mid-December-sometimes for as much as 50% off.

Outlet stores and consignment shops also start markdowns in November. By January, many stores will offer savings of up to 60%. Lastly, known when to splurge. Experts agree for staples pieces such as jeans, shoes and handbags, you should buy the best quality you can afford.

Just knowing what to buy can make the difference between a fashionista's dream closet and a what-not-to-wear boudoir.

Happy Shopping


Looooooved the massage and facial at the Four Seasons. I don't have the correct name of the product line but not to worry-they weren't the best part of the treatment. Katherine, the mild mannered french esthetician is who I want to keep in touch with. Her hands were that of an angel; perfect, light and uplifting. Of course I asked if she would be interested in sharing some skin care advice and in her lovely accent she responded "surely".

So stay tuned!


You know there is something to be said for a person who has their head on straight. Unfortunately, if it were said, I probably wouldn't hear it because mine sometimes doesn't seem to be attached to my body. Funny story: Yesterday I called to make an appointment at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown (D.C.) for a facial, massage, mani and ped. Feeling deserving of a little pampering, I thought I'd treat myself to a day at the spa. The Ritz Carlton also came to mind. This This morning once I realized my babysitter (the best mother-in-law in the world) might not be available this afternoon, I called to cancel. Without hesitation I called the Ritz and when I was told they did not have an appointment for me, I began to wonder what was wrong with them. The young lady on the other end of the phone offered to check the other Ritz Hotels nearby. When I realized my mistake, I felt too embarassed to say anything. When my cell phone dropped the call, I felt relieved that I wouldn't have to admit to it but a few minutes later, to my surprise, my phone rang. It was the Spa at the Ritz. The same young lady informed me that she called the Four Seasons and they had me down for 12:30 today and I should expect a call from them shortly to change my appointment.

How about that? You know there's something to say about good customer service too, even if it's not your customer (WE LOVE IT). Well I'm off and running to be refreshed. However, I'm a little disappointed that I had to cancel my manicure and pedicure because the Four Seasons doesn't have spa chairs. I don't know about you but ever since the spa chairs became popular I can't imagine a pedicure without them?

I'll give you my Four Seasons spa rating when I return. Enjoy your day!