Hello Loved Ones,

Today the "California Howard Clan" celebrated Theo's first 200 Meter Race win. He came in 1st in the Midget/200 Meter Race against 8 other runners. He also placed 2nd in the hurdle jump and 2nd in the 400 Meter Race. This was a tremendous feat considering this was his 2nd track meet, and last Saturday, though he demonstrated a great deal of courage by participating in the hurdles, he fell coming off his first jump. We should let you know though, that he popped up in a matter of seconds to catch up to the 3rd runner. He also ran in the 800 and 200 meter races where he placed 6 and 7th. We knew he was just testing the waters and would come back faster and stronger on the next go-round. We are extremely proud of our little athlete!