Simple Solutions to your Beauty Resolutions!

Don’t even think about kicking yourself for what you did or did not do last year to enhance your beauty. Let’s face it, if it was as easy-as-pie to soften the crow feet and find the perfect concealer, we’d all be closer to looking like Halle Berry or Eva Longoria by now. So don’t beat yourself up, instead, spend that much needed energy on clearing out the clutter and making way for a new you in 2007.

If we learned nothing else from beauty experts last year, we learned that enhancing your natural beauty is much more appealing than painting on a new face and a lot less expensive than a series of costly trips to an aesthetician or plastic surgeon.

If your beauty challenges fall along the lines of such common problems as: dark circles, uneven skin-tone, wrinkles or lack of knowing what makeup to wear, you may want to pull out your pen and pad for some helpful advice on how to jumpstart your new year with a few quick beauty fixes.

As usual, I like to give you the option of spending “lunch money for the week” or “part of your retirement fund” on the best tried and true products on the market, as per my beauty expert friends.

Our Favorite Specialty Products
Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate $55) Vitamin C is a first-rate antioxidant that helps restore texture and tone. This self-heating serum delivers a huge dose directly onto skin.

Anastasia’s Eyebrow Kit ($141 value available at Sephora for ($75)
Regardless of what your brow problems are, the pre-designed strips, powders and brushes in this kit will guide any woman to a perfect brow shape. Celebrities and makeup artists swear by it.

Bobbi’s Pot Rouge in Pale Pink ($22) Add a healthy and youthful glow to all complexions and skin types by blending this pink blush high on the apples (the inside corner) of the cheeks. The secret is in the dewy texture and near transparency.

Our Favorite Over the Counter Products
Skin Effects by Dr. Jeffrey Dover-Wrinkle Effects Relaxing Cream ($30) One of the new over-the-counter creams that are distant cousins of Botox. It contains lycopene, a natural muscle relaxant that smoothes skin for up to a day.

Olay Regenerist Target Tone Enhancer ($19)
Contains Pro-Retinol, a lightener for sensitive skin, to diminish blotches and soften the appearance of dark circles.

Maybelline Brow Styling Gel (6.29)
Still considered the makeup to the stars, this easy to use styling tool gently defines, tames unruly brows and enhances thin brows. The added bonus is it lasts for hours.

Happy Beautification!