A Model You Shows What A Little Love Can Do

Thanks so much for spreading joy and love across the miles.
The Lewis girls, Kayla, Katrina, Kimberly, expressed tremendous joy and gratitude for the support you showed their family.

The three youngest girls got together last Sunday after spending the morning planning what they would buy, then it was off to Target. The oldest girl Kadija, didn't make this first excursion as she has begun working to earn some extra income.

They were all smiles as they spoke about how their prayers had been answered. Their mom on the other hand was moved to tears, because while for most school girls their age, shopping for books, a pair of shoes, a crop top and bootleg jeans this year was a given, for the Lewis girls, it was a blessing.

Thank you all for being a blessing!


Nina Shay and Patricia Sadler
A Model You



Dear Family and Friends:

It is with pleasure that I bring you this update. Together we achieved something truly remarkable. You responded to my request for help and we raised $1,000.00 in merchandise gift cards, as well as two full boxes of school supplies for the Lewis family girls.

Your donations have been received by the family and they have scheduled a shopping excursion to take place this weekend. My hope is to capture photographs to show you the excitement, I heard in their voices after they received these gifts.

We are truly blessed because of your generosity-you, because you gave of yourself, me-because I followed God's spirit in my heart, and the Lewis family, because they now know there are people out there who really care about their well being and the advancement of their futures.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My mom is assisting me with seeing to it the girls receive and make good use of your donations, and she would like to thank you as well.

We will be forwarding individual acknowledgements to each and every one of you. Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. In the meantime, keep letting your light shine!!!


Nina Shay
Readers Health Note

For those who like to drink cold water, this note is applicable to you. It is nice to have a cup of cold drink after a meal. However, the cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will slow down the digestion. Once this 'sludge' reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine . Very soon, this will turn into fats and lead to cancer. It is best to drink hot soup or warm water after a meal.

Shared by Belinda Grimes
Life and Style Today
Still Haven’t Gotten Your Mother’s Day Gift?

If procrastination was a crime, some of us would be sentenced to one or more life terms. I declare that old adage "a woman's work is never done" is soooo true! Hey, I know a lot of you were looking for me to give you the update on some fabulous must-have gift ideas for Mother’s Day but between the "P" factor and the fact that girlfriend (moi, of course) doesn't have a maid, a nanny or a stand-in for my jobs, I just couldn't find time to get all my shopping done.
If you’re anything like me, in which case I’ll pray for you, you still haven’t picked up your Mother’s gift yet. But have no fear, I've got your last minute "Latest and Greatest Mother's Day Gift Ideas" right here.
What’s Hot For Mom Right Now!

Nearly Nude Undergarments
Note: These beauties are the latest body essentials for those summer dresses or tops that Mom can’t wear a bra with but still needs that extra lift and support for. She'll love that they’re specifically designed with low fronts for even the lowest cut top and they are engineered to pull her in, lift her up and upgrade her cleavage like never before.
FYI: Fits up to size 16DD and it's made of 93% polyamide, 7% elastine.
Where To Find It:
West: Shop Intuition
Price Range: $54.00

Kitson Sneaker Shoes
Note: Kitson sneaker shoes are the ultimate in style. Not only will Mom find them comfortable to wear out for a day of shopping, running errands on the weekend or to work on Casual Fridays but she'll love the fact that they're fun, oh so fashionable and they’ve never met a khakis, jean, or capris they didn’t like.

Where To Find It:
Everywhere: Loehmann’s
Price Range: $35.00-$60.00
*I just got a great camouflage pair at Loehmann's for $16.99
Vixen Swimsuit Cover-Ups
Note: Just what Mom's swimsuit ordered, a good cover-up that does the job and won’t scream "I'm trying to hide something I don’t want you to see". Vixen has a style for everybody and a multitude of colors, designs and lengths for all her cover-up needs.

Where To Find It:
Vixen Swimwear
Everywhere: Saks Fifth Avenue
East: Water Water Everywhere
The Wear with Anything Blouse
Note: This is the perfect summer blouse to coordinate with anything in Mom's closet. If she has a pink, blue, grey, white, red, fuchsia, blue denim or green pair of pants or skirt, this is the top for it. The printed silk fabric in multi vibrant floral patterns with v-neck, shirring, racer style back, & full lining is that one piece every woman needs.
FYI: It’s 26 inches long and 100% Silk Charmeuse
Where to Find It:
West: Shop Intuition
Price Range: $95.00

Other Places To Find These and Other Mother’s Day Gifts


Health and Money Talk
A Little Food for Thought

A short time ago, Rolonda Watts and I were talking about the latest fashions on her radio show "The Ro Show" and the darnedest styles that people like to revive, although they should be dead and buried, never to be seen again.

For a moment during our conversation we reflected on shopping at the dollar store. I happened to be telling Ro about a new trend in bags called the "Market Bags". They're the ones that come in the red, white and blue stripe, usually with two handles and you could fit anything in the world in them and they would actually hold up (I think the names for them are Rice Bags). I joked that if you didn't want to pay $100 for the latest versions, you could save $99 dollars by picking up one at the dollar stores. That was not the fashionable option though.

Anyway, she and I got a good laugh out of that. We've all browsed through our local Family Tree, 99 Cent Depot, Family Dollar or Dollar Store, picking up little things for school parties, back to school items and kitchen supplies. Some have even admitted to buying their office party $10-grab-bag gifts there-lol.

Hey in this day and in the "you know who" age of high food, gas and health care prices, it would be great to save or in this case spend a buck or two on some much needed items, but it's important to remember along with those Big Discounts sometimes come Big Risks.

The fact is, some of these bargains end up not being smart shopping at all. Instead they have been found to be down right dangerous and ultimately very costly.
Unfortunately, most problem-prone dollar stores products are those that offer the biggest discounts. Take these five items for example:

1) Batteries
Most dollars store battery brands are made with carbon zinc-a far more inferior option than the ones you buy at the hardware or drugstore according to Tom Merritt, Executive Editor for electronics review site CNET2. Chances are you'll go through a pack of the dollar stores bought brand much sooner, negating your initial savings. Instead spend the money to purchase the alkaline batteries with less shelf time from another store.

2) Toothpaste
You might not give a second thought to what's in the tubes of toothpaste you're buying, but you should. Last year, the Food and Drug Administration warned consumers that many of the imported toothpastes typically found at dollar stores and other discount outlets contained the poisonous chemical diethylene glycol (DEG), most commonly used as a thickener in antifreeze (Ugh!). To date the agency has identified more than 20 hazardous brands, including several counterfeit tubes that look like Colgate.

Bye the way, Rita Chappelle, a spokeswoman for the FDA reports; repeated brushing with DEG can cause liver and kidney damage and other gastrointenstinal problems.

3) Electrical Products
Holiday lights and extension cords should never be purchased from dollar stores. The reason is: Often times in these cheaper made products the wiring is undersized (meaning more current goes through than the device can handle), according to Consumer Reports. They may have a substandard insulation. At best, they make for faulty products that short out very easily. At their worst, the cords can overheat, melt, shock you or even start a fire.

4) Kid's Jewelry
The problem with them is very similar to those experienced by many toy makers last year who were being questioned, even sued over sales of products which were found to contain lead.

Many of the dollar stores toys are believed to be unsafe. Especially items that contain metal. Basically, none of these products can be guaranteed safe. So although the necklaces and rings and other items, are easy and cheap for Halloween or birthday gift bags, they should be avoided for the safety of your child.

5) Vitamins
These vitamins can be dicey, says FDA spokesperson, Tod Marks, because the FDA considers multivitamins a dietary supplement, there's significantly less oversight when it comes to their composition and effects on the body than there is for prescription medications. In a 2004 analysis, Consumer Reports found that half of the dollar stores vitamin brands it studied contained less of the nutrients claimed on the label, or failed to dissolve properly when ingested. Funny enough there were no such findings in similar investigations of major brand names according to Marks.

While all of the claims mentioned were not made by myself, nor do I have any evidence to support them, it seems like common sense-101 to me and who knows better than us to follow our intuition.

Be Healthy and Blessed.



Hello Loved Ones,

Today the "California Howard Clan" celebrated Theo's first 200 Meter Race win. He came in 1st in the Midget/200 Meter Race against 8 other runners. He also placed 2nd in the hurdle jump and 2nd in the 400 Meter Race. This was a tremendous feat considering this was his 2nd track meet, and last Saturday, though he demonstrated a great deal of courage by participating in the hurdles, he fell coming off his first jump. We should let you know though, that he popped up in a matter of seconds to catch up to the 3rd runner. He also ran in the 800 and 200 meter races where he placed 6 and 7th. We knew he was just testing the waters and would come back faster and stronger on the next go-round. We are extremely proud of our little athlete!


by Nina Shay

Each year, amid the OSCAR buzz in Tinseltown, Black Hollywood nests around two highly anticipated events to celebrate their own. The purpose is to recognize and reward the many works that often times go unnoticed in the elite world of entertainment.

February 14th, 2008, the 39th Annual NAACP Image Awards kicked off OSCAR week as it suited up to pay homage to its leading men and women of Hollywood. Billed as “the nation’s premier event celebrating the outstanding achievements and performances of people of color in the arts as well as those individuals or groups who promote social justice”, the Image Awards is reminiscent of the Screen Actor's Guild Awards, Emmys, Golden Globes, Oscars and Grammy's all rolled up into one.

As usual, the star-studded event did not disappoint. As most predicted, The Great Debaters won “Outstanding Motion Picture”. The film’s star, Oscar winner, Denzel Washington, took home “Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture”. Newcomers, Jurnee Smollett and Denzel Whitaker nabbed Outstanding Actress and Outstanding Supporting Actor for their roles in The Great Debaters. Also among the many nominees were: Forest Whitaker, Don Cheatle and Taraji Henson for Talk to Me. Award Recipients included: Aretha Franklin (Vanguard Award), Ruby Dee (Chairman Award), Vanessa Williams for Outstanding Supporting Actress for Ugly Betty and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy went to Janet Jackson for Why Did I Get Married?

The second “hot ticket” in town took place on February 20th when Black Enterprise Magazine hosted its salute to the 25 Top Money Makers in Hollywood at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Although the event is more of a party than an award show, the evening served to remind us of the significance of honoring the “best in the business” while acknowledging the "unsung heroes" who play an important role in our lives. Highlights of the evening included yet another special presentation to veteran actress, Ruby Dee and special film recognition for American Gangster and Bucket List. Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Tyler Perry, Byron Allen, Queen Latifa were among those recognized and a who’s who in Black Hollywood were there to mix, mingle and congratulate!