A Model You Shows What A Little Love Can Do

Thanks so much for spreading joy and love across the miles.
The Lewis girls, Kayla, Katrina, Kimberly, expressed tremendous joy and gratitude for the support you showed their family.

The three youngest girls got together last Sunday after spending the morning planning what they would buy, then it was off to Target. The oldest girl Kadija, didn't make this first excursion as she has begun working to earn some extra income.

They were all smiles as they spoke about how their prayers had been answered. Their mom on the other hand was moved to tears, because while for most school girls their age, shopping for books, a pair of shoes, a crop top and bootleg jeans this year was a given, for the Lewis girls, it was a blessing.

Thank you all for being a blessing!


Nina Shay and Patricia Sadler
A Model You