Well ladies, it's time to say goodbye to 2007 and welcome in the "New Year". As the saying goes, "Out With The Old and In With The New"-and just what's new in the world of fashion and beauty for 2008? The predictions are: SHAPES, COLOR AND REFINEMENT.

Style lines transition from edgy to subtle and everybody, regardless if you're in the single or double digit sizes, will be showing off their shape in fitted tops, belted dresses and trousers with higher waistbands. So unless you’re pregnant, no more high-waisted baby doll dresses, shapeless tunics or micro-miniskirts and extremely low-rise jeans-opt for simple sophistication and more tailored, curve fitting skirts, pants and jackets.

To cinch the waist, the look can go either extra wide or super slim with belts. For your feet, you can hold on to your platform shoes for another season but get used to the idea of gladiator sandals replacing the ever popular metallic ballerina flats for spring.

Once again there's a wide variety of handbag options-big or small, and no need to get rid of the patent leather just yet.

For those of us who still don't want to grow up, this seasons choices of color palettes offer a wide range of candy coated brights along with ethnic tones and suggestions of neutral combinations. If you have a passion for purple, you'll fall in love with the lilac, lavender and deep amethyst shades of the season. The same goes for makeup-from glittery violet eyes to pale lavender lips (a blast from the past).

Of course these are simply fashion insider suggestions. I always say: "The best look is the one you're comfortable in". I can't help it, I am an advocate of "Doing You".

Here's to Looking Your Best!
Happy New Year!