Well ladies, it's time to say goodbye to 2007 and welcome in the "New Year". As the saying goes, "Out With The Old and In With The New"-and just what's new in the world of fashion and beauty for 2008? The predictions are: SHAPES, COLOR AND REFINEMENT.

Style lines transition from edgy to subtle and everybody, regardless if you're in the single or double digit sizes, will be showing off their shape in fitted tops, belted dresses and trousers with higher waistbands. So unless you’re pregnant, no more high-waisted baby doll dresses, shapeless tunics or micro-miniskirts and extremely low-rise jeans-opt for simple sophistication and more tailored, curve fitting skirts, pants and jackets.

To cinch the waist, the look can go either extra wide or super slim with belts. For your feet, you can hold on to your platform shoes for another season but get used to the idea of gladiator sandals replacing the ever popular metallic ballerina flats for spring.

Once again there's a wide variety of handbag options-big or small, and no need to get rid of the patent leather just yet.

For those of us who still don't want to grow up, this seasons choices of color palettes offer a wide range of candy coated brights along with ethnic tones and suggestions of neutral combinations. If you have a passion for purple, you'll fall in love with the lilac, lavender and deep amethyst shades of the season. The same goes for makeup-from glittery violet eyes to pale lavender lips (a blast from the past).

Of course these are simply fashion insider suggestions. I always say: "The best look is the one you're comfortable in". I can't help it, I am an advocate of "Doing You".

Here's to Looking Your Best!
Happy New Year!


Hello Lovlies,

It’s my birthday! Actually it was yesterday but between work, castings, my son's football practice and a 9:30 p.m. quickie (cocktail that is), my birthday came and went too fast for me to fill you in on the goings on, so here it is. I’m a year older, feeling and looking good for 34 I might add (no, I’m not dyslexic, it just looks better that way) LOL. I have a new lease on life and I wanted to share it with you all because I believe most of what I want to do, many of you will find as acceptable rules to live by too.

Renewing and strengthening my relationship with my maker
Since God made me he ought to know what’s best for me right? That doesn’t mean my husband, my agent and my girlfriends don’t have good advice too, but much like my relationship with my son, God gave me this body, these talents and a life to live so he should be the first and last person I go to for advice and the one I completely trust to make it all work out fine!

Following my heart's desires
There are a few things in life that I truly, truly want to do and be. I guess you can say they are my heart’s passions. I want to be a loving not smothering mom, a nurturing and inspiring wife, a devoted and adoring daughter, a comforting and reliable sister, aunt, cousin and friend and last but certainly not least, I want to be a woman of my word, regardless of how big or small the focus is and I want to achieve limitless success as a commercial actress, model, voice-over talent, and radio personality and producer. Therefore I will!

Whooping this body into shape
I am so blessed to be in the shape I’m in, but had it not been for God’s mercy, my legs, my butt and my tummy might be telling a different story by now. So I’ve committed to putting in some time and work to keep what I’ve got. I’ve started walking in the mornings-just a nice brisk walk for 30-45 minutes. In March I plan to graduate to a light jog and start my new exercise program with Jay-Netics.

Helping someone in need
I have always known that I should be doing something to help, someone other than myself , accomplish more in life. I’ve watched both my grandmothers, my mother and my mother-in-law do this for as long as I can remember. Each one of them has given me a tremendous example to follow and now I hope to be able to do the same for someone. I recently volunteered to provide academic support and companionship to a young girl in the 8th grade through an organization which places foster care children with academic and relationship mentors. Wish me luck and please say a prayer that I do a good job!

Not trying to do too many things at one time
To avoid doing 10 things and maybe completing one, I will keep my to-do-lists short and simple. Speaking of which, I think that's enough to jumpstart 2008, don’t you think?
Thank you for letting me share with you and remember I am always here for you if you need me.



Hey, what's going on ladies? Yes I am back!!!! I know eons have passed since last I've written, but not many days have gone by that I didn't think about each and every one of you with hopes of speaking with you soon. What a busy couple of months!

There's so much to tell, but I’ll just hit you with highlights:

Let's see, in September, there was the fashionably fun and fantastic WHITE PARTY (P. Diddy's) in the Hamptons that I attended for the first time. I got a chance to chat it up with some new and old acquaintances. To drop a few names; June Ambrose, P. Diddy and Kim Porter, Mariah Carey, Justine (the sweet and down to earth wife of Rev Run of Run’s House), Tommy Lee, Star Jones, Mike, an old school mate from JFK High School in the Bronx, New York, and so many others. Even Theo, my little "superstar" son (far left), got in on the action, dressed in all white for the first time since he was christened.

Theo played football with the CALABASAS RAIDERS as their first string Running Back and Corner Back. They ended with a perfect season (8-0) and made to 3 out of 4 playoff games. I'll try to shoot you all a copy of the article on the team in this month's issue of the AC Phoenix. It has been the most exciting season of his short career. Theo’s also doing very well in school. He recently delivered his speech as candidate for President of the Student Council. He did a fantastic job but God knew I was not ready for that job too!

Ted, the husband, he’s quite the world traveler and continues to take good care of us. We hope to have some big news to share on his end very soon!

Some of you were wondering if that was me in that REVLON BEAUTIFUL BEGINNINGS hair ad in Essence and Ebony with the straight hair and the cute little girl. Answer: YES! By now you may have seen the second ad for that product. As for the beach house behind me in that WELLS FARGO ad, it isn’t on my list of things to buy, but the ad brought in enough cash to make a small down payment on it if I wanted to-Cha-Ching!

October, I booked and shot my first commercial since my return to L.A. So look for me during the blitz of Christmas commercials. I’ll be shopping at CIRCUIT CITY, looking quite chic I might add. The stylist and makeup artists did their thing! I have also been featured on the ROLONDA WATTS show for Greenstone Media as a fashion correspondent. I can’t tell you how sad I am to see that network go but my features are being picked up soon-I’ll fill you in on that later. Out of the public view, I’ve worked with DIRECT TV, MONTBLANC, COACH and the irons are still burning. I promise to keep you posted.

November, I began hosting my own radio program on American Radio Network. The details are plenty but I'll need more time to explain it all to you so bare with me, I'll have more to share in a few weeks. There have been tons of red carpet highlights I didn't get a chance to do, but I’m sure you all got your fill of those, so we’ll pick up on the next shindig. There’s so much more to tell you about. So I’ll keep the posts coming! Till the next time, Peace Love and Happiness to you all.
Ladies get ready to wrap your head around a new line of footwear from the designer who knows how to make a woman feel like a woman.

Diane von Furstenberg, known for her signature wrap dresses, is stepping out into shoe design. Last month she announced a partnership with footwear company Schwartz & Benjamin, the folks who make Daniblack and Kate Spade footwear, to create DVF Shoes, a line of fashionable women’s shoes. The line debuted in Vegas last week at the WSA Today Shoe Show in Las Vegas.

"I wanted to create shoes for the woman on-the-go and on her feet all day," von Furstenberg said. The Belgian-born designer also consulted with colleague and fellow shoe designer Christian Louboutin on the collection.
You can bet they'll be hot! I'll keep you posted.


Life and Style Today with Nina Shay

Shopping for back-to-school clothes with your tween or teen? It can be fun and educational if you start out with a plan. Here are 7 planning strategies to help turn your nightmare at the mall into a successful and stress-free shopping experience both you and your child can enjoy.

· Take inventory. Start by weeding through clothes that are too small, worn-out or simply not appreciated any longer. Toss the ones that have outlived their usefulness and donate the rest to charity. This will give you an uncluttered view of what your child needs and what additional pieces will enhance his or her wardrobe.

· Make a list. You must have a plan of attack. With a list in hand you can group your shopping needs by type of store and accomplish your tasks more efficiently. You'll also be less likely to buy items that your child doesn't need or won't use.

· Establish a budget. This will give your teen a clear understanding of what you can buy. With financial ground rules in place, you'll be able to teach money-management skills and how to "shop smart." If there's an expensive item that he or she simply must have, this would be a great opportunity to help your child learn how to prioritize by arranging for them to pay for the extra expense from their own earnings from either an allowance, job or otherwise.

· Check the sales and special promotions. In addition to storewide sales like end of summer and back to school sales, you can save money in many states by shopping on state-declared "tax-free" days, when state sales taxes are lifted during back-to-school season.

· Find out about your school's dress code. Many schools have dress codes in place to discourage clothes that suggest aggressive sexuality or gang membership. This means girls might need to avoid spaghetti straps, tank tops and low-cut jeans. Boys should know whether "sagging" trousers and certain colors or brand names associated with gangs are forbidden. This information can easily be obtained from your school PTA or administrative office.

· Remember, you don't have to do it all before school starts. Spreading your shopping out over the first few weeks of the school year is smart. It gives your student time to check out what his peers are wearing and to make any necessary wardrobe adjustments during later shopping trips. And it gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the sales.

· Be aware of marketing strategies aimed at kids. Teens, and most recently "tweens" (children ages 9 to 12), represent a lucrative market for retailers and advertisers. They've become the target of a steadily increasing barrage of messages telling them what clothes and looks are cool. As a parent, don't remove yourself from the equation. Talk to your child about how the media influences what we want and think we need.

· And last but not least: Don’t forget who’s buying. Stand firm on your values and your boundaries.


Life and Style Today with Nina Shay: Fashion Update
Fun and Funky Fashions for Summer

As heard on the Rolonda Watts Show on Greenstone Media- June 21, 2007

This summer, it’s all about adding something bold, edgy and colorful to make your style statement. Who would have ever thought they'd see the day when fashionistas would be trading in their favorite Joes, Hudsons and Calvins, for a little down home denim fashion with a new twist. The OVERALL, once reserved for a little gardening, a play date at the sandbox or a ride on the tractor, have taken on a hot new look.

No longer just for Beverly Hill Billies, now Malibu Moms and Hollywood Hotties are mixing this old staple with dressy heels, sexy tanks and tees and the look is fabulous!

My Favorite: William Rast ("Jezebel")
Why: Casually chic, sexy and comfy (All in One)
Available at

Choosing from this summer's neon, bright and shimmering nail polishes, can leave you feeling like a kid in the candy store. "Lifesaver", "Yellow Drop", "Blueberry Crumb" and "Raspberry", they're all fun and exciting but can leave you salivating at the counter.

The key is not to indulge til you get a stomach ache but wear them as an accent to a less glaring outfit. Plus, they are a sensible entree to the Technicolor trend of clothings and accessories for the season.

My Favorite: Essie ("Huckle Buckle")
Why: Fun, vibrant, chic, elegant and long lasting

Comfy feet have never looked more chic than in the recycled hot new JELLIES in adorable flipflop styles. This summer's IT shoes have got glamour girls flocking to our favorite designers like Kate Spade, Stuart Weitzman and Calvin Klein for the perfect pair to romp in the sun.

With designs like rhinestone accented clear plastic wedges and sleek thongs of ocean blue with patterned linings, the beach won't be only the place we'll be seeing hot feet this summer!

My Favorite: Stuart Weitzman ("Divinyl")
Why: Breathable, and surprisingly versatile

This little baggy goes to the market, to park, the cafe and anywhere chic is in. Style icons Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan among others, are finding a lot more to talk about than just the cost per pound at the market since the MARKET BAG by JAY HERSH WEEKENDERS hit the scene. Taking toting to a whole new level, these Market Bags are a creative mix of old school durability with modern day appeal.

Believe it or not, they can't keep them on the shelves and the favorite colors of course are the original red, white and blue combination.

My Favorite: "City Tote"
Why: Holds a little bit of everything, and makes for a great conversation piece
Where: Exclusively at

As Always, Happy Shopping!


Good Morning and BIG thanks to the faithful listeners of the Anita Dean Show on 1340 The Light. At 6:30 a.m. L.A. time we were talking about breaking into the business of modeling. Since then, I have received many questions from people whose children, or who themselves are interested in modeling.

Here are some of those questions:
How do I get into modeling?
What kind of pictures do I need?
What agency should I go to?
How should I approach an agency?

So you want to be in pictures ha? First let me say that while I may not be able to offer you the flamboyant catwalk coaching of America's Next Top Model's Ms. Jay or the illustrious background of Super Model turned Boss Lady, Tyra Banks, I can offer practical advice to approaching the multifaceted business of modeling.

Most people I talk to seem to focus on the High Fashion end of modeling but honestly as much as one might want to be the next supermodel or covergirl chic, the reality is that the road to supermodel stardom is the road less traveled for most people. Fortunately, there are many avenues that can ultimately lead you to a lucrative and fulfilling career in the modeling industry.


The first thing you'll want to do is make a true assessment of your best attributes. Are you 5'11", skinny and love strutting your stuff in front of people? Do you get mistaken for everyone's school teacher or are you the perfect size 10 and enjoy trying on clothes all day? Knowing this will help you decide which avenue to pursue.

If you plan to make a career out of modeling, just like the lottery, you'll need to be in it to win it. Moving to a city like New York where the business thrives is not uncommon. You will also want to practice, practice, practice. By that I mean look at what’s being done and copy those people you see in the types of ads you'd like to do. On your own you can practice walking and posing at home in the mirror. Modeling classes to learn how to walk and pose can be helpful also (if they are legitimate).

Before you approach an agency, you have a little more homework to do. With all the information available to us via internet, you can research the different agencies and decide with ones are for you. They should have a website that lists the types of models they represent and some will display photos of their models and the work they've done.

When sending photographs in to the agencies, the idea is to show them who you are, so they'll know what they're working with. Regular size (4x6) photographs will do. Little makeup, not a lot of clothing and straight forward angles is the best way to go. If they see the potential for making money, they will take the time to interview you. If not, it's best to try again another time or move on to another agency that wants to work with you.

Open calls are fine. The agents are good at weeding through all of the hopefuls. Mailing your material in works sometime and sometimes doesn't. I have had success with it. I've always called and gotten the name of the person who opens the envelopes, informed them that my stuff was on the way and then followed up once I sent it.

Notice I didn't say anything about SCOUTS. Most of the time the people approaching you at the mall or at these mega castings with fifty thousands folks walking around looking to be discovered, are simply looking to sign you up for a deal which will charge you money for photographs, classes and scheduling interviews.

The bottom line is this: SCOUTS can't guarantee you work or a contract. At some point you will have to be walked into an agency and they will have to sign you. You can do that yourself. It's one thing for someone who works with Ford to approach you with a business card and ask you come in to see them, but another for someone to tell you they are out looking for models for Ford. The top modeling agencies don't send people to look for models. They don’t have to.

Also, agencies have their own connections with photographers and stylists and they like to be involved in the process. In most cases they will want you to shoot with their people and hand pick the photographs regardless of what you already have (which will cost you more time and money). By the way, agencies don't normally pay for that. It's rare these days that they front you money for these things but it they do, you will pay it back from your first bookings.

Another thing to remember is, not even the agencies can guarantee you work. They wait for the clients to make the decisions.

Earlier I said supermodel stardom isn’t for everyone. It’s true and keep in mind, you don’t have to be a size 4 or 18 years old to be successful in the business. Take some time to research how much money commercial print models are making. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised. The person pretending to use the allergy medication, the American Express Card or the 409 Kitchen Spray, is a very necessary talent who has more opportunity to make a good amount of money, more often.

I hope you have enjoyed our Modeling 101 session. For more you’ll have to shoot me an email. I actually look forward to getting them and answering your questions.

Til then, I wish you all the best

Love ya!
Nina Shay


Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Fit Every Mom’s Style
By Nina Shay

Whether your mom is into fashion, gadgets, fitness or sweets, we’ve got the perfect gift to say “I love you”, in style of course!

A fabulous feminine accessory will be the perfect complement to her busy life-style. This hip new laptop bag called the Mango Tango is both versatile and highly functional, with an interior organizer for her cell phone, pens and business cards. They come in quilted faux suede or a brown and red distressed look.

There’s also a leopard print with faux leather trimming but I like red because it reminds me of my mom; it’s powerful, beautiful and stylish. Also, red works with any color combination but it makes a fashion statement all by itself.
Available at
The Price range is $50

Juicing up couldn’t be made more delicious and nutritious than with a tried-and-true Jack LaLanne Juicer. Take it from the man who knows longevity, juicing fresh fruits and vegetables can help put your mom on the road to a longer and healthier life.

Jack has been doing juicers for decades but his power juicers are now available in sleek and stylish new combinations including stainless steel and white with silver trimming that will look good in any kitchen.
Available at
The Price range is $100

There’s nothing like the rich decadence of chocolate covered strawberries. These exquisite combinations of chocolate covered strawberry bouquets by “Shari’s Berries”, are a favorite among Hollywood Moms. They are hand-dipped and set on handmade stems with silk rose leaves and arranged with baby's breath and fern. The taste is like nothing you can compare. Without a doubt, these will make a stunning presentation that your mom will never forget.
Available at WWW.BERRIES.COM
The price range is $85

Nothing will put pep in her step like a great looking pair of new workout shoes. Nikes newest shoe, Air Max 360, offers great style with comfort and miles of durability. What’s great about these shoes is they’re great for aerobics as well as power-walking. The popular color this season is the white net with lime green accents.
Available at
The price range is $160

And last but certainly not least, in honor of our moms who are no longer living, one great way to show your love is by giving a gift to your or her favorite charity in honor of your mom. Two such organizations “making a difference in style” are FASHION DELIVERS CHARITABLE FOUNDATION.ORG and CLOTHES OFF OUR BACKS.ORG. Both organizations provide clothing, home goods and other resources to the needy, including many people displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Visit them on the web.

Whatever you give, make it a gift with love. Shoot me an email and tell me about your Mother’s Day!

Love You All and Have A Happy Mother’s Day!


Featured in AC Pheonix
Life and Styles Today
by Nina Shay

Summer Skin Ready

Getting ready for all the Peek-a-Boo styles this spring and summer requires a little more pampering on areas that go unnoticed during fall cover-up months. For the best breakout products of the season our beauty experts along with friends and family helped us create a list of tried and true beauty solutions guaranteed to get your skin ready to be exposed.

The Best Hair Care
Set it Wet: Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion leaves hair silky, shiny and sleek.
Lock in Curl: Lottabody Setting Lotion holds any size curl for days without build-up or weighing down.
Clean Sheen: Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Spray gives the perfect finish to any style and works well for either gender.

The Best Body Care
Replace Moisture: Carol’s Daughter Bath and Body Oils at Sephora are a summer must have to smooth out dry skin on knees and elbows.
Refresh: Bath & Body Works Fresh Foaming Hand Soap is a therapeutic refresher for hands and feet with great smelling essential oils.
Look Quenched: Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel gives the skin a sheen that lasts all day long.

The Best
Foot Care
Exfoliate: Origins Ginger Body Scrub gets rid of dryness and leaves your feet looking and feeling new.
Soften Skin: Mary Kay Private Spa Collection Mint Bliss Fizzy Balls combines cool aromatic fragrance with a soothing solution for softer soles.
Perfect Polish: Essie Nail Polishes are known as much for their staying power as they are for their delicious array of colors.

Happy Pampering!


Hello Ladies,

I've been Busy, Busy, Busy. Hollywood glamour is swarming all around me and I have truly been stung by the red carpet review bug. But I owe you a big apology for being so late with this one.

By now, you already have the scoop on who "Was Hot" and who "Was Not" at the Grammys. I would like to mention that I loved Mary J' and Christina A's very, very sophisticated looks, though as my girlfriend K pointed out, we've seen them in that same vein for a little while now. I also give props to Ludacris and, just about everybody this year for kind of dressing up for a change and saying it not displaying it, if you know what I mean.

But old news is old news, besides, I'd much rather hip you to something you may not know about, so here's a little something to put in your Fedora. You know how there's always a big deal made about the celebrities and the special treatment they get before and during the Grammys? Well, I bet you didn't know that the people who dress them and the people who interview the people who dress them, get in on a little Pre-Grammy pampering too.

Yeap! Hence the invitation I gladly accepted to one such event, GRAMMY STYLE STUDIO, The Recording Academy’s very own luxury fashion showcase. This exclusive venue is where nominees, performers, presenters, celebrities and their stylists are invited to select designer clothing for the award show and other Grammy week events. And even more fabulous than the celebrities and the glamorous fashions, is the fact that a percentage of the proceeds from the studio benefit the The Recording Academy's year-round educational initiatives.

I was happy to make it back to town just in time to scoop up gifts bags from two of my favorites, Tweezerman and Bliss Spa and get a preview of the Grammy Drag.

Also checking out the goings-on nearby, were John Legend, Paula Abdul and the stylists for Leanne Rhimes and Mandy Moore, who were scouting the racks of stylish threads from Camilla, Kyri, Zegna, Vivienne Westwood, Ted Baker, Ben Sherman, accessories from L.A.M.B., Guiseppe Zanotti and the new GRAMMY brand of urban wear and accessories.

The stylists weren't divulging any details on the final Grammy looks however, I did get a glimpse at what other celebs including of the Black Eyed Peas, Shaun Robinson, the beautiful Access Hollywood reporter and recording artist, Pink were said to be confirmed to wear.

For the rest of my interview, my beautiful guide Gabby was very careful to navigate around the who's who of the entertainment industry. I narrowly escaped bumping into well known choreographer, Fatima Robinson and one of my favorite celebrity stylists, June Ambrose, who also got in a little plug for her new book "Effortless Style" on the KTLA morning news. Thanks to The Recording Academy's genius idea, I still managed to get caught up in the most stylish collision of music, fashion and philanthropy.


Spring Trend Forecast
For A Happy Valentine!

Roses are red, violets are blue, ballerina flats and boots are hot for spring and summer too.
Blouses or dresses, anything flowy goes, especially the ones accented with the appliqué of a rose.
White so crisp, white so pure, do it any way you want, but do it for sure!
Hair so free, short, long in between, go for layers and clean, clean, clean.
Soft and pastel makeup, apply with ease, fresh and dewy pretty please.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hello Ladies, My how time flies, when you're packing up to move thousands of miles away. For me, starting a new chapter in my life this year has come sooner than later. That meant moving back to Los Angeles to live and work in an environment that's more conducive to my career path and the lifestyle that my son, who proudly says "I'm from California", has been wanting to relive. So far it has been wonderful. Tuesday was Theodore's first day at school. It was great! We received such a warm welcome. Theo feels sure this school is the perfect match for him. He even gave me the nod for making the right decision :)

At my commercial agency, NTA, we were both greeted with such enthusiasm and delight to see us back. I think they are just as anxious to see us booking some commercials together again soon as we are. My work is just getting started, but already off to a positive start.

I hope you all are well. I look forward to talking to everyone as soon as I can catch my breath. In the meantime, with all the award show activity going on here in town I thought I'd leave you with a little note;

Did you see Halle Berry at the People's Choice Awards Show? Whoa!
Dare she wear a SHORT DRESS, in LIQUID GOLD? Yes she did and did it well, I might add. In all the years that she's been on the scene, she hasn't disappointed me yet. Gucci should be proud!

At the GG (Golden Globes) I thought Angelina Jolie's elegant gown by St. John knits was beauuuutiful but our beloved Beyonce' made me wonder WWH (With Who's Head) was she thinking?
I thought she could have down played everything. Mother, my saint of a grandmother used to say if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, so ....................................
Oh well I guess being a 20 something-superstar, having a killer body, a quite comfortable bank account and just about every man in the world drooling at your sight, doesn't exactly make you perfect :).

There's so much more to talk about. Til then, peace and blessings to you all.

Simple Solutions to your Beauty Resolutions!

Don’t even think about kicking yourself for what you did or did not do last year to enhance your beauty. Let’s face it, if it was as easy-as-pie to soften the crow feet and find the perfect concealer, we’d all be closer to looking like Halle Berry or Eva Longoria by now. So don’t beat yourself up, instead, spend that much needed energy on clearing out the clutter and making way for a new you in 2007.

If we learned nothing else from beauty experts last year, we learned that enhancing your natural beauty is much more appealing than painting on a new face and a lot less expensive than a series of costly trips to an aesthetician or plastic surgeon.

If your beauty challenges fall along the lines of such common problems as: dark circles, uneven skin-tone, wrinkles or lack of knowing what makeup to wear, you may want to pull out your pen and pad for some helpful advice on how to jumpstart your new year with a few quick beauty fixes.

As usual, I like to give you the option of spending “lunch money for the week” or “part of your retirement fund” on the best tried and true products on the market, as per my beauty expert friends.

Our Favorite Specialty Products
Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate $55) Vitamin C is a first-rate antioxidant that helps restore texture and tone. This self-heating serum delivers a huge dose directly onto skin.

Anastasia’s Eyebrow Kit ($141 value available at Sephora for ($75)
Regardless of what your brow problems are, the pre-designed strips, powders and brushes in this kit will guide any woman to a perfect brow shape. Celebrities and makeup artists swear by it.

Bobbi’s Pot Rouge in Pale Pink ($22) Add a healthy and youthful glow to all complexions and skin types by blending this pink blush high on the apples (the inside corner) of the cheeks. The secret is in the dewy texture and near transparency.

Our Favorite Over the Counter Products
Skin Effects by Dr. Jeffrey Dover-Wrinkle Effects Relaxing Cream ($30) One of the new over-the-counter creams that are distant cousins of Botox. It contains lycopene, a natural muscle relaxant that smoothes skin for up to a day.

Olay Regenerist Target Tone Enhancer ($19)
Contains Pro-Retinol, a lightener for sensitive skin, to diminish blotches and soften the appearance of dark circles.

Maybelline Brow Styling Gel (6.29)
Still considered the makeup to the stars, this easy to use styling tool gently defines, tames unruly brows and enhances thin brows. The added bonus is it lasts for hours.

Happy Beautification!