Shopping Strategies to Live By

How To Build a Winter Wardrobe

Have you ever wondered how some women manage to look perfectly turned out no matter how much or how little they spend on their clothes? Yes, good taste is a part of it, but so is knowing how to go about buying.

Fashion insiders know there's a time to pounce and time to wait. When looking for fall clothes, you should make a point to shop in August and September for staple pieces to help build your wardrobe and be prepared to pay full price, it's worth the investment for key pieces and to ensure you get your size.

For everything else conisder delaying your purchase. Retailers start marking down fall merchandise around late November. If there's a trendy item you like that you're seeing in all the stores, chances are you can still get a great selection after Thanksgiving into Mid-December-sometimes for as much as 50% off.

Outlet stores and consignment shops also start markdowns in November. By January, many stores will offer savings of up to 60%. Lastly, known when to splurge. Experts agree for staples pieces such as jeans, shoes and handbags, you should buy the best quality you can afford.

Just knowing what to buy can make the difference between a fashionista's dream closet and a what-not-to-wear boudoir.

Happy Shopping